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November 12, 2009

Sponge Cake (Cocoa)

This might not something special as I know many of you know how to make it. I did have a cocoa sponge base recipe that I used quite frequently but this is something I found which is better than my previous one.
It's quite easy to make and the result was good with a spongy, light and fluffy texture. My previous cocoa sponge was slightly dry whereas this one stay moist which you can eat it straight. Not only that, the main thing is the sponge can be used as a cake base for making all kind of celebration or party cake. Feel free to watch the video clip on how the lady chef did it as well as my final result of experiment. See how spongy it is :)
Cocoa sponge cake recipe for 8 inches round cake pan : whole eggs 203g、egg yolks 32g、caster sugar 135g、glucose 21g、 salt 1g、oil 32g、cocoa powder 21g、plain flour 106g、baking soda 1g、milk 21cc


  1. Hello, referring to what you've written "21g glucose", is that glucose syrup which can be bought in baking stores? Those usually used to stop crystalization? Or can we use corn syrup? Please let me know. Thanks!!

  2. OMG Grace, is that your hand pressing the sponge cake? Wow, it is indeed very spongy, hahaha! Like a pillow! So fun watching it! Are making a decorated special bumble bee sponge cake? So exciting! BTW, I went to Taman Megah Bake with Yen just now...not Puchong. ;-P

  3. Hi Anonymous,
    Yes it is the glucose syrup which you can get in baking stores. I'm not sure can use corn syrup for this recipe or not as this is just my first trial using glucose for sponge cake.

    Hi Honey Bee Sweets,
    kekeke..ya that's my hand pressing the spongy cake :) I feel so funny pressing the cake :P Actually no plan on doing any cakes with this sponge as it's already digested in our stomach haha.

  4. Hi Kitchen Corner,

    This is really an interesting recipe. I must give it a try. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe and the interesting video. :)

  5. How you can imagine I didn't understand a word from the simpatic woman of the video...but how interesting it's for me compare two so different culture!!! By the way this sponge looks amazing and it's seems you can play a lot with it. thanks for sharing, sometimes the basic things are the most precious of all! cheers Martina

  6. Hi Grace,
    Although sponge cake is supposedly to be the simplest and most basic cake, i still could not get it right consistently. Marking this as one of my must try recipes! Thanks for sharing this very informative video ;-)

  7. Gosh, you've just proven how spongy it is. I really want to try this myself. I've never seen a cake so springy.. haha.. I actually smiled watching the video. I guess this cake could live without the frosting. It looks good on it's own just like this already :) thanks for sharing this recipe!

  8. The sponge cake do look very light. Can I replace the glucose syrup with something else as I don't think I can find it here in US?

  9. Hey, can you post the instruction in English. I watch this video before but I couldn't understand. I really hope you will transalte it to english. Thank you.

  10. Hi Happy Flour,
    You're most welcome! I find it quite interesting too! That's wby have to share with everyone :)

    Hi Martina,
    I think you still can figure out by watching what the lady demonstrate. kekeke... I find myself really funny playing with the sponge hehe :)

    Hi quizzine,
    I find this recipe is quite simple as I don't need to fold in the flour gently and carefully. Just let the machine do it very quickly that all. Let us do more practice and master it yea :)

    Hi tracieMoo,
    Hope you find this recipe useful. Actually, I laugh at myself everytime I watch the video too! hehehe...

    Hi ICook4Fun,
    The lady did mention that we can omit the glucose syrup if we don't have it. The purpose is to help the cake stay moist. I'm still looking for something else that can be replaced the glucose.

    Hi Karen,
    Please give me some time to do the translation yea. At the meantime, you can still figure out what she is demonstrating with my translation of the ingredients. Thank you :)

  11. Oh dear! Thanks for spreading this out, Grace!! Gonna give it a shot sometime! My mom & I are looking for a good, good chocolate cake recipe that's versatile ... that can be both eaten on its own or used for making layered cake & etc.!!

    Thanks!! =)

  12. Wow,I always wanted to make a sponge cake and that video just inspired me =]. I also love how spongy it was when u squeezed it, looks sooo good! Looking at the ingredients, is that cake really sweet?

  13. Thanks so much for sharing. This video and recipe look really interesting. Definitely going to try it out very soon. =)

  14. Hi Grace,

    the cake looks GREAT! I mean, how on earth do you get such a spongy cake without folding in flour?! It's AMAZING. I'm so gonna try it out =D THANKS ALOT!! =DDDDD

  15. Hi, I hopped over from Sonia's blog. I saw how gorgeous your cake is and I had to come by to see. It is fantastic, and oh-so-spongy! Lovely!

  16. Hi Dodol & Mochi,
    Hope you like the recipe. Let me know once you try it yea :)

    Hi Kim,
    It's not so sweet for me. I find the taste quite light which I would rather serve with some melted chocolate :P

    Hi Cuen,
    Yea, I find this video is quite useful. Hope you enjoy it too!

    Hi youfei,
    I don't believe the cake could become spongy at first. But after the experiment, I found it's really something simple to make. Just don't over mix after adding the flour but make sure no more lumps in the batter. Try it and let me know yea :P

    Hi Little Teochew,
    Ya, it's real spongy cake :)

  17. Hi Grace,

    I tried this 2 days ago and OMGosh, the results were FANTASTIC. I didn't blog abit it as I was handed the wrong cake pan and i baked it in a 7" round pan instead and it kinda, hmm had a mini eruption.

    I LOVE this recipe, or rather, the mixing method rocks! hahahaha! I wonder if the liquid glucose does help in stabilising the beaten eggs? Was thinking of replacing the liquid glucose with honey..hmmm

  18. Eh, I thought I have left a comment,why I did not see it, strange ,,Anyway, I have watched the video clip and she is so funny..I definitely will try this out,Thanks for sharing.

  19. Morning Grace,

    I've been your regular blog visitor for the past 1/2 years and I love your blog very much...there is always new recipe for us to look and try :)

    I've baked the choc sponge cake this morning and very pleased with the result...I've failed my sponge cake numerous times and I must say this is the first time I succeed in making it...all thanks to this special recipe n method..the texture is fluffy n surprisingly, no flour lumps...btw, I forgot to add in the milk as it was hidden behind my pile of eggs, haha..nevertheless the cake is moist enough...

    I'm using only half of the ingredients to make 6" cake, when I fill in the batter, it only reach 1/3 of the pan. May I know when using the full recipe, how high will it reach a 8" pan? Sorry for this lengthy comment...I will continue to practice more on this :)

    Thank You very much again...

  20. Hi youfei,
    Glad to know you've got a good result with this recipe. I've not tried using honey yet. Please do let me know if it's work ok. Thanks a lot!

    Hi Sonia,
    Opps.. I've just received one comment from you and not sure where is the first one. Sorry about that. Anyway, I hope you'll like this recipe. Cheers!

    Hi S.Hua,
    I'm so happy to know that you've tried it and the result was good. Before baking the batter in the 8" pan is about 2/3 whereas after bake, it'll fill up the whole cake pan. Enjoy & Cheers!

  21. OMG, that looks fabulous, awesome clicks:)

  22. hi, i tried to bake this sponge cake this morning but the result is not very good... i omit glucose syrup as i dun hav it at home and the cake turned out to be very dry, a bit dissapointed! Anyway will try again & see... maybe i juz hav no luck in baking this sponge cake =P

  23. tks for sharing .. will give this a try :-)

  24. Hi Anonymous,
    I'm so sorry to know that it turn out not good. I tried the 2nd time without glucose, it's slightly dry but use it for a layered cake will not feel it dry anymore because the cream and fruits moisten it up. Btw, may I know did the cake puff up nicely? Egg without enough whisking or over mix the flour with the egg, the cake will hardly puff up and cause the it become dry. Please try again, watch the vedio clip and follow exactly what the lady did ok. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Cheers!

  25. Hi Grace,

    I translated the recipe quite loosely and it's up on my blog =) Still finding a chance to make it with honey haha

  26. hi grace, I had tried the chocolate sponge. It was really fluffy thou not as fluffy as your, guess my egg wasn't beat to the full volume.

    I didn't have glucose and milk at home, hence replace with honey and water. It wasn't sweet but I find it slightly bitter. Not too sure is it because of the honey. The texture wasn't as moist as I expected too. Just bought the required ingredients, will try it again. =) Thanks again for sharing.

  27. hi grace,
    where did you get the measurement for the ingredients?

  28. Hi Anonymous,
    I got the measurement for the ingredients from YouTube.

  29. Hi Grace,
    I did this chocolate sponge cake as my last bake of the year & as my bro's birthday cake, and the result is very very good! Everyone loves the texture of the cake and said it's the best sponge cake i made so far ;-) Thanks for sharing ;-)

  30. Hi quizzine,
    Happy to know you had a very successful sponge cake, well done!

  31. Hello Grace!
    I don't know chinese so it is hard for me to follow the video.
    Could you please give me the recipe in English! Thanks!

  32. Hi Anonymous,
    Sorry for the late reply. Could you please give me your email address?

  33. my email address is:
    Thank you!

  34. Hi,grace I also need the choco sponge instruction in english.kindly email me at
    Really appreciate it :)

  35. Hi Grace,

    I also need the recipe in English.

    Apreciate you forward me to the following email address.


  36. Hello Grace, Could you please kindly give me this recipe in English, Thank you.

  37. Hi Grace,

    I tried this recipe and the outcome was fantastic! I was skeptical at first because i kept fumbling, but this is indeed the best sponge cake that I've baked so far.

    Thank you so much! :)


  38. Grace, would you mind to share the recipe in English with me too. i have failed all my sponge cake previously. i really wanted to master it. so i will try to bake this choc sponge cake this weekend. By the way, you mean we can get the gluscose syrup from Bake with YEn?

  39. Hi, I saw the video of the recipe of sponge cake, and I would be curious to try the recipe, but I did not understand some passages, for example, between the ingredient, is also the milk .. but the movie is not used during the course of the recipe. I have read in previous posts that has been translated into English but the site I could not find it, you can get a copy or emailing me the page? thanks Roberto

  40. Hi Roberto,
    Sorry, I'm confusing what you actually looking for. I only have this video clip. Which one would you like actually?

  41. I understand .. Thank you for responding ... you have the procedimeto perhaps have written? ...

  42. Hello, I made the cake going to sense and following the video (although, for obvious reasons they could not understand a word .. ihihih).
    Heat the oil and dilute cocoa with a whisk, mix in a large bowl with an electric whisk the eggs, the yolks, sugar and salt, just enough to mix everything lightly, add the glucose syrup and traditional process as you would any cake. Now, when the eggs are fitted well, add in one fell swoop the sifted flour and baking powder together, mix briefly with a whisk. add milk and mix. At this point, paid nearly half of the assembled oil and cocoa, mix it with the mixture and pour all mounted in the original. Grease and flour a cake pan and pour the mixture. Bake at 180 ° C the time .. you see .. proof of the stick, is still valid .. when it comes out clean from the cake .. means it is cooked. Cool the cake upside down on a grid .. and enjoy your meal .. eheh

  43. Hi, is this made with cake flour or all purpose flour? Thanks

  44. Hi Grace, I tried making this, but I realized that she used 6 eggs. When I weighed out my eggs it was 212g for 4 eggs. Should I use 4 eggs or 6 eggs?

  45. Hi Anonymous,
    It's made with all purpose flour or plain flour not cake flour. Please weight the eggs white and yolks separately then only mix together for the beating process. The recipe required 203g egg whites and 32g egg yolks. Cheers!

  46. Hi Grace,
    I came across ur blog from HBS...thanks for sharing the recipes.
    May I have the english version of this Sponge cake recipe as I have not much luck with sponge cake so far so wanted to try it out.
    email :
    Thank you.


  47. Thank you very much for the great recipe you have posted here.


  48. Hi was really curious when I saw your post on this sponge cake. Just wondering how did you measure the 1 gram baking powder?

  49. Hi,

    I jumped to your website, and I found these sponge cake cocoa is so interesting. I would really love to try it but the video seems not working or had banned.

    Could please let me know how to make the sponge cake step by step? Because I'm planning to make the tiramisu with your recipe for this Christmas.

    Thank you so much and look forward to hear from you soon.

    Warm regards,

  50. Hi Grace,

    Your video link is not working, may i get the recipe from you instead? Email:

    Many Thanks,
    Mun Kit

  51. hi Grace
    saw your spongy cake, love it, would be grateful if you can share the recipe in eglish. tried to watch the video, but was informed that the video is no longer available. thank you for generous sharing.
    my email is
    thanks again