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May 17, 2010

Peach Roll

There are so many different type of swiss rolls. Either made with chiffon base, whole egg sponge mix or separation of egg white and yolk mixing. I like the whole egg sponge base as I find it much easier to make and the texture is quite fluffy and soft. This time, I try a new method from 孟老师的美味蛋糕卷。She has five different methods of making swiss roll. Here is one that to whisk the egg whites until peak stiff then add in egg yolks. I find it quite interesting and the result was not bad. The texture is a bit different from the three methods that I've mentioned above. Not the fluffy type but soft and smooth. The good things is that the sponge can be easily roll up. 

As this is my first attempt, I hardly catch the right temperature to bake it although the recipe mentioned 190C from the top and 160C from the bottom heat but every oven had different temper. I've slightly over bake the sponge so I find it a bit dry, otherwise it would be perfect. If you dare to try out this recipe, you will know what I mean. Happy Baking!

Recipe for 36cm x 36cm

170g egg whites
110g caster sugar
80g egg yolks
105g plain flour
180g whipping cream
20g caster sugar
2 to 3 pieces can peach

Beat the egg whites until bubbles appear, gradually add in caster sugar and beat at high heat until peak stiff.
Add in all the egg yolks then continue to beat until thick batter.
Gently fold in plain flour until well combine.
Pour into a baking tray and spread evenly. Bake at 180C for about 15 minutes. Keep on eye so that it will not over baked.
Place the sponge on a cooling rack together with the baking paper once it come out from the oven. Gently tear out the baking paper.
Whisk the whipping cream with caster sugar then spread evenly on the sponge. Place some sliced peach on the sponge then roll it up. Roll up a layer of cling wrap and chill in the fridge for 1 hour before serve. 


  1. Can you tell me 170g egg whites is approximately how many grams? And same goes to 80g egg yolks, how many yolks is that? I might wanna attempt swiss roll. I've not made one before :) Thanks Grace!

  2. I adore the fluffy, and light Swiss rolls...all kinds of flavours! Yours looks perfect.

  3. I enjoy fluffy Swiss Rolls too :)

  4. Your Swiss Roll look great. :) I loved to use this method too.

  5. your swiss roll looks fluffy and soft to me!

  6. That is one perfect swiss roll! I just love swiss roll but I can never get it right. Some will crack and break when I roll or the skin will all peel off :(

  7. I have not made swiss rolls before, I have bookmark this recipe, the texture seem really good. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Grace, I like swiss roll but no courage to attempt, must accumulate more courage b4 I embark on it. Your peach swiss roll looks so yummy, make my hands itchy again.

  9. So nicely done! I miss making swiss roll cake so much. Because I am still using my MIL's halogen oven, I cannot bake a sheet cake yet. Another month to go.... :) Thanks for the lovely recipe!

  10. Oh yes, this method yields a more flexible sponge cake, one that is less fragile, right?? But still as soft.
    I tried this method once.

    Your swiss roll looks so good to me.. the skin is all intact :)

  11. Hi Grace,
    Your swiss rolls looks PERFECT to me! Overbake and still look so good? If it's just nice I'll be drooping... Hahaha! I always love the way you make swiss rolls, it's so perfect and tightly wrapped. Mine is always very loose. :( Btw, I've tried this method before, and I like it too! Whipping up the whites first, then add in the yolks. Quite special and nice too! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  12. whaaa...this looks so nice!! its got a nice skin with it too. amazing! how do you keep it there? usually the skin peels off:( thanks for the recipe anyways:D

  13. wow! You overbaked yet you still managed such a neat roll? I think it's perfect! I couldnt never keep the skin intact =X

  14. What a lovely swiss roll! The bit of peach inside is like a hidden treasure.

  15. Hi!
    Your swiss roll looks great! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Hi Quinn,
    So sorry that I've forgotten how many eggs I used, I think it's about 6 to 7 eggs. The recipe show in grams so I separate the egg yolks and whites then measure it.

    Hi Angie's Recipes,
    Hi tigerfish,

    I'm sorry to tell that this cake roll is not that fluffy although it had the soft texture. Thanks for dropping here, cheers!

    Hi Happy Flour,
    Thanks for dropping here! Great to know you use this method before so that you could testify this one I made :)

    Hi Honey Boy,
    I wish it's fluffy one but I've slightly over baked it :(

    Hi ICook4Fun,
    I've the same problem as you. Some of my swiss roll will crack too. But, this sponge recipe not easily crack for rolling unless we tear it :)

    Hi Sonia,
    Hope you like this recipe. Just remember don't over bake it ya! :)

    Hi Bakericious,
    I can understand why you have no courage to try it. And, you are right, read more and accumulate the knowledge of making swiss roll then only you start to do it. Go with the one you feel much comfortable :)

    Hi Honey Bee Sweets,
    Only a month to go, I will see your swiss roll soon. Cheers!

    Hi wendyywy,
    Oh yes, this sponge cake is less fragile but still soft as long as not over baked it. Glad to know you try similar recipe too. Thanks!

    Hi Jane,
    Ya, it's overbaked. Looks good but slightly dry. I'm happy to know some of the bloggers and you've tried this method too. At least someone testified it before. Cheers!

    This sponge cake had a nice skin with it. It's slightly different from others sponge cake. You can give it a try. :)

    Hi youfei,
    Yes, overbaked but I don't feel to waste it so I roll it up with some fresh cream, then the cakes moisture a bit. I bet it might be the fresh cream.

    Hi Cookie baker Lynn,
    Thanks for dropping here to leave your lovely words. Cheers!

    Thanks Swee San and Bimmer!

  17. I've been watching youtube for a while now to learn up how to make Swiss Roll. I'm afraid I can't cope with it yet.

    Your peach roll looks perfect! It has beautiful skin too.

  18. these rolls are beautifully rolled and the skin is evenly browned =]

    swiss rolls are my greatest nemesis at the moment. you made them seem effortless to bake.

  19. Grace, despite the fact that it was overbaked, it's pretty impressive to see such a gorgeous Swiss roll! The color is just golden and sunny! I really wanna make Swiss roll ... It's been too long since I last made it! =(

    Oh, yes! I love Sifu Meng's book too! Detailed, exactly!

  20. I have 2 cans of peaches in my cabinet, kids requested for fruit tarts. I can use the balance to make this swiss roll. But need to buy a new weighing scale first.

    You've got nice skin there! I mean your swiss roll ;-)

  21. i've tried to bake this swiss roll as per your recipe. However, during the time i tried to roll it, it cracked so badly until i have to eat it as a sheet of cake instead of roll form. can you tell me what has gone wrong here?

  22. Hi Vivian,
    I guess it might be the swiss roll too dry that cause it crack. Over baked the cake could cause it dry. Different oven got different temper, please adjust the temperature from my recipe. Cheers!

  23. Hello! I'm new to making swiss roll. So I'm wondering which type of whipping cream did you use? UHT whipping cream? Light whipping cream? What's the diff? Btw, for the whisking part of whipping cream, how to determine that it's done? Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks!