Kitchen Corner

July 22, 2015

Homemade Yogurt

Ever since I've learned making my own homemade yogurt, there are no longer store bought yogurt in my fridge as it is too simple to make and yet so yummy. Plain yogurt has become my daily diet as it could be my breakfast, lunch or dinner and even as a dessert after a big meal. Adding maple syrup to sweeten a little and goes with some dried or fresh berries or banana and granola is always my favorite combo. To fill my stomach, mix nuts will be added and that big jar of yogurt become a quick meal for me. My little boy likes to add black current jam in his yogurt with plenty of blueberries. 
It is so good to have homemade yogurt at home as we can have it anytime. 

How I made it: 

Sterilise all the utensil that will contact with the ingredients such as milk and active yogurt.
In a clean glass container, add in 1/4 cup active yogurt asli. Gradually add in 500ml full cream milk and stir with a small whisk to make sure no lumps left and well combine. 
Lid on and place in a larger heatproof container. Pour in hot water until the same height as the mixture. Cover with lid and store in a warm, dark and dry place. Let it fermented for 24 hours. During the fermentation, do not open or touch or move or shake the container. Just let it sit quietly for 24 hours. 
After a day, take out the yogurt from the container and refrigerate for a day before serve. I found the texture is even better after a week sitting in the fridge. 
A successful  yogurt should be like the texture of Chinese bean curd and smooth top. Unsuccessful  one will have very odd smell. 
When serve, scoop out desire amount of yogurtwith clean spoon. Sweeten  it with maplesyrup or honey or jam. Add fruits and nuts and enjoy!

Reserve a small batch of yogurt as the seed of next yogurt making.


  1. Hi Grace, hope you have been well. I have been wanting to make my own yoghurt too for the longest time and saw several recipes online. So far your version has the longest time (24Hrs). And i have seen recipes as short as 4hours. Still pondering if I should start making soon! :P Thanks for sharing this, will try it out! ;)

  2. Hi Bee, thanks I'm fine.
    People has yogurt maker will have shorter time for fermentation whereas I do it manually without any maker and without special yogurt container. That took long hours. Although it took long hour but really worth the effort ..erm.. anyway... no much effort also as it is so easy to made and my fridge always has stock😂