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August 24, 2015

Ogura Layer Cake

There are some extra ogura cake left on my previous bakes of profusion cake 缤纷香卷. There are quite messy and broken pieces. However, it is a waste if just throw them away. So I decided  gather them together to make a very small cake in about 5 inches wide and height. To give a nice tasty texture, I go for my favorite lemon curd dressing and sandwich them together with fresh cream.

This little cake tasted very light and refreshing. Imagine the cool and light texture of ogura cake with the lemony curd and accompany with some fresh cream which I don't feel to stop any bite after another, just like eating cloud.

The uneven structure of the layered cake looks quite nice too although they were previously messy and in broken pieces. Now they looks lovely and tasty. 

How I put them together:

Whip 200ml fresh cream with 1 tablespoon confectional sugar and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Keep in the fridge and ready to use.
For the Lemon Curd,  please refer to Lemon gateau recipe. Half the portion for this little cake will do.
On a serving plate, connect and join the broken pieces of strips cakes into spiral circle pattern (pink color first). Apply some fresh cream and a layer of lemon curd. 
Second layer, join the brown color cakes and apply some cream and lemon curd then the third layer join together the grreen cakes. Cover the whole cake with fresh cream then keep in the freezer until the cream harden. Pour leftover lemon cud on the cake and spread evenly. Garnishing with some berries and chill in the fridge  and ready to serve. Best serve cold. 

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