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August 26, 2008

Homemade Kaya

I've been using this recipe for years and now I would like to share with you. I suppose many of you might have your own recipe already but just a sharing. I used 2/5 of the ingredients from the original recipe just for both of us. I like this recipe because it don't need to be stirred all the time so that I can continue with other stuffs while cooking it. With the double boiling cooking method I always got a very smooth kaya. I reduced some sugar from the original recipe as I found it's too sweet for me. But it's very depends on you.


martina said...

What a pity! I have never seen anything like this!!! It looks delicious and plenty of colour. How do you enjoy kaya? I think it's impossible to remake without pandan leaves, isn't it? How does it taste? I couldn't guess! Martina

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Martina,
It taste coconut milk in the kaya as well as the fragrant of pandan leave which is also named as "screwpine leave". Are you a local? Or else you might be able to buy from Asian supermarket. I got from the UK Asian market before. If you can't get it try to used palm sugar but it would be in brown color. This is the link how to make palm sugar kaya.

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Martina,
Sorry I've forgot to mentioned that we normally spread kaya on toast. Some people thicken it with flour to make fillings for buns. And of course, it's sweet like jam.

martina said...

Thanks a lot! But unfortunately where I live there isn't an asian's a small village, maybe I can find one out in Dublin! In the meanwhile I'm looking at your pictures to feel the asian sun (and the warm weather) it's cloudy everyday and pretty cold...ah the irish summer!Thanks again Martina

Passionate About Baking said...

The colour is sooooo green!! Is it really from the pandan leaves? :p Very pretty & attractive green it is! I tried cooking the Hainanese Kaya before from Aunty Yochana's blog. But I think my skills were not up to mark, and the kaya turns into lumps. So I blended it in a blender until it was quite smooth. Heehee...luckily it was still edible. Then I thought, so much work, produce so little kaya, really not worth the trouble. :p Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Jane,
The green is the natural color from pandan. I haven't try hainanese kaya before, is there any differents?

delia said...

The color of the kaya is very beautiful and smooth. I was so tempted by the look of it and made some myself last sunday. Result was mine was not so smooth. I don't have double boiler so just use one big pot with a small pot. Nevertheless, will be making it again once this lot is finished.

chumpman said...

Your kaya looks very smooth and color is very refreshing, very tempting. My friend's mother told me kaya need to be stirred all the time so I rather buy ready made. I would like to try recipe you've been using for long time, thanks for sharing !

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi chumpman,
Hope you'll like the recipe. Happy cooking!

sue said...

thanks for sharing ..but which is the method you used to cook the i have no experience at all. Do i need to extract the juice from the pandan leaves in order to have such beautiful green colour such as yours. cheers

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Sue,
I followed the recipe from here:

The recipe give very details instruction with some pictures too! Yes, you will need to
extract the juice from the pandan leaves in order to have the beautiful green colour. Hope you will like the recipe. Cheers!

sue said...

thank you for the link..will try it soon. cheers

FATMUM said...

Hi KC,
I have prepared some kaya but it turn out curdy unlike yours which look so smooth. Any idea what could be wrong? Thanks

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Fatmum,
The kaya might had over cooked without stirring. Please stir constantly or reduce the heat. I heard some people will blend the curdy kaya in a blender until it smooth again. You could try and see whether it works. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

My first attempt kaya turned out very smooth. I cut down sugar to 450g (250g brown and 200g white)

do you think it taste better if I substitue with palm sugar?
or need to change recipe a bit?

Patricia Lee

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Patricia,
I've not try out with palm sugar yet. But I guess it would be a good idea. Do try out and let me know how it works. Cheers!

Ailin said...

hi martina, goodnews. i used the recipe and made it without pandan leaves. i used a half teaspoon of pandan essence and it did the trick. pandan essence is available online if there aren't any thai or vietnamese grocery by you. good luck!

Ailin said...

dear foodies,
i made the recipe without pandan leaves. instead i used a half teaspoon of pandan essence which can be purchased online. if the essence is clear, i.e. not green, add a couple drops of green coloring. it tastes just as good as i remember albeit a tad sweet. i even cooked it directly on an electric stovetop on low without a double broiler and it is as smmoth as silk as long as you stir it every 15 minutes or so for an hour.

sylvi shiil said...

Hello! Nice to knowing your blog, i jump to someone nlog and accidenatly stopped by your blog.

Okay, a lil bit question about this recipe, my aunty likes to make Kaya which is im Indonesian born chinese that also have own Kaya recipe.

But sometimes while im making by myself, it came a bit stingy, the eggs smell eventhou im already put some vanilla bean onto my Kaya. and the biggest problem sometimes is my Kaya texture became unsmooth.

can you tell me how is it? whats wrong with that

thanklyou honey

Choo Yeag Heng said...

I tried your kaya recipe and cooked over a pot of boiling water., but it doesn't taste like kaya. I get a string coconut oil taste and its is also not smooth. Please help thank you .