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May 10, 2014

Tiramisu II

I like my previous tiranisu recipe. Its lightness texture make me long for more bites. That makes me don't feel to go for others recipe. But lately my taste buds change without any reason which I feel want to have richer and creamier tiramisu. After search through some others bloggers recipe, I realised tiramisu contains egg custard will taste richer, thicker and creamier which exactly what I want to try out. But the making process surely need extra effort unlike my previous tiramisu recipe that no eggs is added. 

After giving it a try for adding egg custard for the batter,  I didn't regret for my extra effort in cooking the custard. It is so rich and creamy and for sure a cup or a portion is just enough for me especially with the strong liquor contain that really will heat up your throat.  

This cake was made for my cell group birthday celebration and everyone was enjoying it very much according to my husband. Unfortunately, I was not unable to attend the party. Guess what, I did reserve a cup of it for myself he he he. .....
You don't feel want to buy or dine this dessert in the restaurant or cafe. Just make it your own and you will close your eye while enjoying every spoonful of it. It's heaven!

Ingredient for 10 inches round cake with higher cake ring about 4 inches ++

Mascarpone Cheese 750g
Caster Sugar 130g
Lemon juice 3 tablespoon
Cointreau 3 tablespoons
Whipping cream 400ml 

For the custard: 

3 egg yolks
200ml milk
30g sugar
20g plain flour
* 1 tablespoon gelatin soak in 50ml cold water
Gelatin is optional if the tiramisu fill into cups whereas I added a bit for the tiramisu cake as I want it to set a little bit firmer as it will be unmold from a cake ring and also for the delivery period in hot weather. If this is going to serve at home, gelatin is not necessary. Anyway, the gelatin really won't change the texture. Imagine that big amount of mascarpone cheese and cream contains you really can't taste any gelatin in it. Trust me.

Coffee Syrup:

Caster sugar 40g
Hot water 80ml
Instant Coffee 3 tablespoon
Kahlua Coffee liqueur 4 teaspoon
2 pieces of 8 inches cocoa sponge cake 
Some cocoa powder

First of all cook the custard first. Boil the milk with sugar until sugar dissolve but not boiling. Meanwhile, mix the egg yolks and flour to a thick paste but no lumps. Add two tablespoon of milk if you find it too dry to mix.

Pour the dissolve warm sugar milk into the egg yolks mixture, pour little by little and mix with a hand whisk until everything combine. Then, pour back the mixture into the cooking pan. Cook in very low heat and keep stirring until it thicken.

Once the mixture thicken, remove from the heat  and add the gelatin if you are using it. Keep stirring until the heat slightly cool down then sieve through a strainer. 

Transfer the custard into a plate and cover with cling film. Make sure the cling film touch on the mixture, this is to prevent it from skin forming on its surface.

Beat the mascarpone cheese with sugar then add in the lemon juice follow by the cointreau.  Fold in the cold custard if using and mix well. In another bowl, whip up the whipping cream until about the same consistency as the mascarpone mixture. Fold the whipped cream into the mascarpone mixture.  Be aware not to over work with the mixture as they might split and the mixture will become rough cream. You want a smooth tiramisu! In another small bowl, mix the hot water with the instant coffee and sugar until dissolved. Then, add in the kahlua Liqueur. Using a springform pan or cake ring, place a piece of cocoa sponge cake then brush some coffee syrup all over the cake. Pour half of the mascarpone cream on the brushed liquer cake then place another piece of cake on top. Brush the remaining coffee syrup on the cake then fill in the remaining mascarpone cream. Chill in the fridge for 5 hours or overnight before unmold the cake. Dust some cocoa powder on top and portion with a hot knife for every slice.


Yummy Bakes said...

This looks gorgeous.

Kitchen Corner said...

Thank you yummy bakes!

Bakericious said...

the cake looks so yummy!

Kitchen Corner said...

Thank you Jess!

Unknown said...

If we omit the gelatin, will it affect the end result?