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October 27, 2014


This is one of my son favorites snack. The happiness of watching him enjoying every bites of the profiteroles is hard to describe. If he would eat the profiteroles like having his normal meal that would be good. 
I think not only my son, everyone including adult would love to eat this cute and delicate dessert, I would! 

Again, I dig out my very old recipe for the choux pastry as well as the pattieserie cream. I still find this recipe is the best for me. The pastry puff up nicely and stay soft even until the 3rd day from the fridge. The feeling of the first bite is so wonderful when the cold cream ozzing out from the pastry. Arhh... try it!

Recipe for 20 puffs:

For the Puff: 
70g plain flour
3 beaten eggs
100g water
60g unsalted butter
Pinch of sugar and salt

For the pattieserie cream: 
3 egg yolks
200ml milk
60g sugar
20g plain flour
10g unsalted butter
1 tsp vanilla extract

For the puff, boil the water, butter and pinch of sugar and salt in a cooking pan until its bubbling. Off the heat, immediately add in all the plain flour and mix with a wooden spoon until well combine and become a smooth dough.

Add half of the beaten eggs and mix (this stage is a bit hard work but please patient and keep stirring until the egg mix into the dough.) Once the eggs completely mix with the dough, you will find it quite dry and hardly to mix. Add the beaten eggs little by little into the dough and continue mixing. You might not finish using all  the beaten eggs. You will need to have a smooth and thick consistency of the mixture. When the spoon lift up the mixture, it should drop back to the pan slowly and form a transparent smooth skin from the spoon to the pan. The mixture should not too dry or too wet.

Once you get the right consistency of mixture, transfer it into a piping bag and pipe out about 20 dollops of mixture on a baking tray with baking paper.

Dip your fingers with some water and gently touch the tip of the mixture. This is to prevent it over burning on the top while it's baking in the oven. Then spray some water on the mixture surface. (Not too much)

Bake at middle rack of 200'C preheated oven for 15 minutes until it puff up then turn the temperature to 170'C and bake for another 15 minutes. (DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN DOOR DURING BAKING) 
Transfer the puff on a wire rack to cool down.

For the pattieserie cream, boil the milk with sugar until sugar dissolve but not boiling. Meanwhile, mix the egg yolks and flour to a thick paste but no lumps. Add two tablespoon of milk if you find it too dry to mix.

Pour the dissolve warm sugar milk into the egg yolks mixture, pour little by little and mix with a hand whisk until everything combine. Then, pour back the mixture into the cooking pan. Cook with very low heat and keep stirring until it thicken.

Once the mixture is thicken, remove from the heat and keep stirring until the heat slightly cool down but slightly warm. Then add in the butter and vanilla extract. Continue stirring until well combine.

Transfer the cream into a plate and cover with cling film. Make sure the cling film touch on the mixture, this is to prevent it from skin forming on its surface. Chill the cream in the fridge and ready to use.

Melt 100g of dark chocolate with 100g cream in a sauce pan. Stir and combine well.

To assemble the profiterole, poke a small hole with a knife or chopstick on top or side of each puffs. Fill the cream into a piping bag and squeeze into each puffs. Coated the top with melted chocolate and chill in the fridge for few hours before serve. Best serve cold within 2  to 3 days provided keeping well in an airtight container in the fridge.


Anonymous said...

Hi Grace

Your bake is so tempting. May I check what type of mike, fresh milk of evaporated milk is being used for the pattieserie cream.

Thank you

Veronica said...

I love your mouth watering profiteroles especially with the chocolate glaze.

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Florence, I use either fresh milk or full cream milk for the pattieserie cream.

Kitchen Corner said...

Thanks Veronica, you always so supportive!!!

Vegetable Pastas said...

I really love chocolate it's my favorite!! love it :)

Unknown said...

I love chocolate and these looks scrumptious. :)

My Little Space said...

The puffs look perfect. Its my favourite puff.