Kitchen Corner

December 13, 2011

Happy Christmas!

I've just made a very simple log cake with no extra frosting or any fancy decoration  as time is so limited for me nowadays. As usual, I used the same swissroll recipe of 孟老师, it turn out spongy soft just as good as last year attempt of my x'mas log cake

The log effect was made by the cocoa mixture then bake together with the sponge. With no extra frosting around the log, we don't feel so guilty of having a big slice. Lastly, wishing everyone have a wonderful Christmas and Happy 2012 !!

16 December 2011 - Make another log cake in vertical version which is quite the same as last year but with the same method of the above non-frosting method. Beside, thanks for everyone who remember me and drop by to leave your comments. Wishing you all have a wonderful Christmas and blessed 2012.