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March 25, 2009

Creamy Mushroom Pizza

I baked some 12 inches thin crust pizzas in the weekend, there are six different flavours. I would like to introduce the creamy mushroom pizza that my friends and I love it so much!
The pizza doesn't need tomato sauce for the topping as the creamy mushroom had its unique flavour with the mozzarella cheese. The recipe is very simple, pan fry lots of chopped garlic, then add in some chopped sticky bacon together with one big chopped yellow onion. Pan fry at low heat until the bacon caramelized with the onions. Stir in big chunky of fresh mushroom for about two minutes or so. Don't over cook it. Season with salt and peppers and add 5 tablespoon of cream and 5 tablespoon of milk. Add some dried oregano or italian herbs. Cook for another two minutes and it's done! Top on the pizza dough and go with some mozzarella cheese and bake until the cheese melt. Delicious!
I've also baked another chiffon, pumpkin chiffon. It's beautifully baked!


Wen said...


Wow the pizza and chiffon cake look so good! Amazing you actually baked so many pizza in a day!

Your chiffon was so nicely done! Mine always can't get the side evenly brown.


Honey Bee Sweets said...

Wow! You are great Grace, I think you can even open a Pizza restaurant too! Remember to leave me a slice, it looks delicious!
See larr, your chiifon so nice! What is the brand of your tube pan?

Unknown said...

wow looking at yr pizza like looking at pizza menu all done so nicely. Do u mind sharing how to make the 12 inches thin crust pizzas. cheers

Small Small Baker said...

Oooh, the creamy mushroom pizza looks so delicious! It's my favourite! Can teach us how to make the thin crust pizza?

You know what. I'm addicted to your blog now. Esp your chiffon cakes and breads. Hehe... :)

Elyse said...

What a perfect dinner and dessert. Your mushroom pizza looks fabulous, and I love that it creates its own sauce from the cream. Talk about delicious flavor combinations. And, of course, my sweet tooth appreciates this fabulous looking pumpkin chiffon!

Passionate About Baking said...

Wow Grace! Your creamy mushroom sure is such an appetitiser! I've baked several pizzas, but always so "traditional" & "boring", only tomatoes! Now I know how to do it the creamy way already! Thanks a lot for sharing!
Congrats on your another successful chiffons. I'm happy that your friends love your bakes. :)

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Wen,
Thanks for your lovely words. I must say I would not able to make so many pizzas but I always have a good helper with me. I roll out the doughs and he place all the toppings :P

Hi Honey Bee Sweets,
Haa.. still long way to go for opening a pizza restaurant hehe.. However, there is always the happiness when we make some food ourselves right?! I think the spirit of baking chiffon has back again and this pumpkin chiffon really well baked. I use the chiffon tube bought from Phoon Huat.

Hi Sue,
Thanks for your compliments! My pizza shape didn't looks very nice as I didn't manage to roll out in proper round shape. What I do is, I roll the dough out into a large circle and place it on a pizza pan then use my hands to push it out towards the edges of the pan.

Hi Small Small Baker,
Thanks! I used the recipe of 孟老师的100道面包. But, I roll it out very very thinly with my hand to push it out as thin I as can. I double the recipe and make three of 12 inches thin crust.
kekeke.. I've been reading your blog long time agooooo...

Hi Elyse,
Thanks for your lovely words! Yes the creamy mushroom has create its own sauce from the cream and it goes very well with the cheese.

Hi Jane,
I love creamy mushroom too! I use to eat creamy mushroom in the restaurant. They normally serve it with breads as an appetiser. Hope you like the recipe. If you feel the mushroom is too dry add more cream or milk so that you could dip more bread to eat kekeke...Have fun!

Unknown said... u mind sharing the recipe for the pizza thin crust dough as i do not have the book 孟老师的100道面包 and also cause i dont read or write chinese therefore i rarely buy chinese baking books. thanks in advance.cheers

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Sue,
I know a blogger using the same recipe as mine. You can refer to her page:


There is only a different which is I used 100g plain flour instead of cake flour. Happy cooking!

chumpman said...

Your pizza looks very professional, as good as those served in Pizza Hut. Let me take the time and find ready made pizza dough and make mine too.

Kitchen Corner said...

Hello Chumpman,
Thanks! But my pizza definately couldn't compare wth Pizza Hut. My pizza is very homemade country style. Hope you like the recipe. Cheers!

lyn said...

Hi, your creamy mushroom pizza looks yummy...would like to try something different from my usual ham/cheese kind. I found the pizza base recipe under honeybeesweets but not the recipe for your topping. Where can I find them? Tk you very much. lyn

Kitchen Corner said...

hi lyn, the recipe for creamy mushroom is stated on the page. Pls read through the page you'll see the very short and simple intruction for making the creamy mushroom. Happy cooking!

lyn said... could I miss that! Tks.

Sue said...

HI Grace, your mushroom pizza really looks delicious. Thinking of trying out your recipe. But I do not have pizza pan. Can I just use those aluminium baking tray? Where did you get pizza pan?

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Sue,
I have not tried aluminium tray before. I think normal baking tray or cake pan will do too! You can try and see. There are some pizza pan selling at Phoon Huat. Are you a local? Please check it out ya!! :)

Sue said...

Hi Grace, thanks for your reply. I'm a Singaporean. I've seen pizza tray from Phoon Huat. It has holes on the base. Then I also saw another type at Robinson. It has no holes. I'm wondering which is better? Do you have any advice? One more question, what kind of cream do you use? Besides non-diary whipping cream, I'm not familiar with the rest. Thanks.

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Sue,
If I will you, I'll choose the pizza pan with holes. Anyway, it's not very important. I place my pizza at the lowest rack in the oven so the base crisp up nicely and the top just nice with the melting cheese. I use whipping cream. Cheers!