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October 22, 2009

Durian Cheesecake

Mum bought me a cheesecake recipe book 我和起士蛋糕的秘密. (I think she has been addicted on buying me recipe books recently.) I miss her cooking and till now I can't forget those delicious foods she cooked and baked. But, she said she had retired from the kitchen :( Anyway, I think I've inspired by her passion in the kitchen when I was young. She cooks three proper meals plus an afternoon tea to serve the whole family including my grandparent and aunties uncles. I like to touch the ingredients while she was preparing foods but I always got warning not to touch this and that. If you're a mother you'll understand why she warn me. But, that wasn't stop me from loving the kitchen stuffs :) Oppss... back to the cheesecake recipe book. To appreciate mum, I think I better try out one of the recipe from the book. Since I've still got some leftover durian in the freezer, I decided to try out durian cheesecake recipe. I didn't put so much hope on this recipe at first, because this is my first attempt and the recipe is not that very precise. I used a slightly bigger cake pan to make this also modify the amount of ingredients used from the recipe. Guess what! The result is absolutely fantastic! If you're a durian lover and cheesecake lover, you'll hardly to resist this. The cheesecake turn out moist, rich and smooth. You will like it to melt in my your mouth slowly and feel hard to let go! The recipe didn't mention about steam bake but I did it as I think steam bake would produce moisture cheesecake, that's what I found from my previous attempts on other cheesecake experiments. There is just one thing I didn't do it properly for drawing the net pattern on the cheesecake, it wasn't as nice as the recipe shown from the book (need more practice!) However, I must say the texture is a winner! Really yummy! Thanks mum for the recipe book! Recipe for 7 inches (I used 8 inches lose bottom pan) For the base (I used my own recipe for the base): 160g crushed chocolate marie biscuits (200g digestive biscuits) 80g melted butter (100g butter, melted) For the filling (Slightly change the amount of ingredients from the book) 450g cream cheese (500g cream cheese) 80g caster sugar 170g durian flesh (220g durian flesh) 3 eggs (medium size, total about 160g) 80ml milk (90ml milk) 1 tbsp cornstarch (1 tbsp + 1/4 tsp cornstarch) Toppings: 1 tsp cocoa powder + 2tsp water Some Oreo cookie crumbs


  1. To make the base, stir all ingredients until combined. Press mixture into base. Set aside.
  2. To make the filling, beat cream cheese, sugar and durian flesh until smooth. Beat in eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition.
  3. Beat in milk and cornstarch until blended. Reserve 1 tbsp cheese mixture for topping, the rest mixture pour into tin.
  4. To make the topping, mix well cocoa powder with water. Add in 1 tbsp of reserved cheese mixture, stir until well blended. Pipe on top of the surface of cheese mixture and draw net pattern with skewer.
  5. Steam baked at 170C for 45 minutes (my oven 150C for 50 minutes) or until light brown.
  6. Remove from the heat and leave to cool completely. Chill in fridge 5 hours or overnight. Decorate sides of cake with crushed Oreo cookie crumbs.


Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Grace,
Oh wow! This durian cheesecake does looks very very tempting. I like your "spider web" designs. Very well done Grace. Freeze a piece for me? :p

petite nyonya said...

I'm a big fan of durian & cheesecake, and this looks just irresistable! The net pattern is nicely done in my opinion.

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

durian + cheese, look tempting, and I like how you made the drawing on the cake, will try out soon.

Mary said...


Anonymous said...

Wow Grace your durian cheesecake looks fantastic. It looks like one from the cake shop and your drawing are so good already! Wish I could sink my teeth in one of your bakes :p


Honey Bee Sweets said...

Hi Grace,
You know my sister is also addicted in buying cookbooks for me too, haha! But your Durian Cheesecake looks wonderful and delicious...just like those sold in the bakeries!!

ICook4Fun said...

Beatiful durian cheesecake Grace. I can imagine the intense flavour of the durian. Yummy!

quizzine said...

Although i love durian and cheese, i can't imagine the combination of both?! Guess i have to try the recipe to find out ;-) And your mum is so sweet to get you recipe books *envy*

Angie Chan said...

Oh, that looks so yummy! Too bad durians are so expensive here in the UK :/

Happy Homebaker said...

This looks so delicious! You never fail to surprise me with your beautiful bakes, I wish I am your neighbour!

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Jane,
The spider web design wasn't that good. Anyway, I had already freeze a piece for you :) Hopefully it'll still taste good after defrost.

Hi petite nyonya,
Thanks for your lovely words. Still couldn't convince myself to accept the net pattern :(

Hi Sonia,
Thanks! The drawing can be improved :P

Hi Mary,
Thanks for dropping here!

Hi Honey Bee Sweets,
You're so lucky to have sister buying cookbooks for you. I think that's the most wonderful gift when we receive it. My cheesecake really like those sold in the bakeries??? May be next time don't draw the net pattern better.

Hi lCook4Fun,
Thanks! The intense flavour of this cheesecake is really amazing. Hope you'll like it.

Hi quizzine,
Yes, you got to try it and find out the beauty of the combination. Hope you'll like it. Cheers!

Hi Angie,
Oppss, I understand. May be you can use other fruits to replace the durian.

Hi Haapy Homebaker,
Your words always very encouraging for me as I really admire your bakes! I wish I am your neighbour too! Would you consider to move? kekeke....

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Alice,
Thanks for your lovely words! I thought the net pattern will disappointed many people but somehow everyone seems like it. I think I can do it better next time. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Beautiful!! Would you mind explaining how you pipe and decorate the cake?

Passionate About Baking said...

Oh wow! Thanks Grace. That was really very thoughtful of you. I can't wait to meet you soon...real soon too!

Anonymous said...


This looks yummylicious. Wish I cud have a slice...hehehe!! By the way, is this cake baked in "steam bath"?



Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Jane,
Ya, look forward to seeing you soon!

Hi Han Han,
Pipe out the chocolate paste to a spiral pattern start from the middle. Then use a knife to run through the surface to divide the spiral 8 into portions. I find this method was not really good as it didn't turn out quite nice. But, you could try out or you might be able to do it better.

Hi Janice,
Yes, steam bath. I didn't know it called steam bath, I thought it's steam bake. Anyway, I think there are both the same method. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,

Thanks for your prompt reply.Have a nice weekend!!


yin said...

hi grace, may i know if you know where i can get frozen durian puree? do you use fresh durians? thanks

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Yin,
I've no idea where to get frozen durian puree. What I normally do is, I freeze the fresh durian while it's still fresh. Just before I use it, I put it at the room temperature until it soften like a fresh one. Take out the durian flesh then only start to puree in a blender or food processor. Cheers!

yin said...

i c, wat type of durian would you suggest for best results?

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Yin,
Any kind of durian will do as long as it's rich and sweet enough. I like to use kampung durian for my desserts but for this cheesecake I use D24 because I couldn't get kampung durian at my neigbourhood the last few weeks.

Bits said...

This cheesecake is definitely irresistible. Can I have some, please?

Quinn said...

Very nice Grace.
I've officially bookmark you and follow your blog. Been missing out a lot from you! What if I replace durian with mango. Will it taste good too?

thecoffeesnob said...

Mm. I definitely have to try this. So glad durians are back in season :)

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Bits of Taste,
Yes please, try to make it ok or may be I need to organise a potluck for everyone to try this.

Hi Quinn,
I'm not sure mango can replace durian or not as I know those mango cheesecake normally is non bake one whereas this is baked durian cheesecake. But, you could give it a try and please don't forget to let me know the result yea! Cheers :)

Hi the coffeesnob,
Hope you will enjoy this recipe. Cheers!

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

My daughter love cheese and durian and love to eat cake and she'll definitely love this cake like crazy , your cake looks just so so tempting !

Unknown said...

I tried your recipe and it's super delicious. People loved it! I'm going to do it the second time soon because it wasn't enough last time!

One tip I like to add. When you bake the cheesecake, put a pan of water under the actual pie. it would help to keep the moisture in the cheesecake. I used a cookie sheet and it works great!

Thank you for your recipe!!!!

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi christina.chusoipin,
Glad to know you've got successful attempt on this recipe. I think the tip you mention is called "steam bake" which I did it too to produce a moisture texture. Cheers!

Blessed Homemaker said...

I like to use marie biscuits as the base too as I'm not a fan of digestive biscuits ;-)

This cake looks really yummy but unfortunately DH is a durian-hater and I can't make this :-(

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Blessed Homemaker,
The original recipe asked for marie biscuits but I didn't follow as I only had digestive biscuits on hand. Yea, if the person don't like durian, this is definately not a right cake for him :)

Anonymous said...


Do you use philadelphia cream cheese or Cream cheese bought from Phoon Huat ?

Thanks & best regards

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Ling,
I had three attempts on this durian cheesecake. First time with Phoon Huat cream cheese and another two times with philadelphia. For me, there are no different. The different is first time got a good quality durian and the other two were lousy durian which didn't give a rich texture. It's much depends on durian rather than cream cheese for this recipe. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,

I'm glad that's flexible cos I'm stuck with alot of PH cheese, one last question do we need to blend the durian in a blender to form a puree b4 mixing together with the creamcheese ?

Thanks !

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Ling,
There are two different texture that I'd tried. The first one is blend the durian until puree before mixing together with the cream cheese. With this, you'll get a smooth texture cheesecake. Second, go straight mixing the cream cheese and durian flesh, this you will taste like having the really durian. It's up to you my friend! Cheers!

MnYfoodtalk said...

Hi, I baked one with your recipe. It tasted superb! thanks for the recipe.