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February 4, 2010

Evolution Choux Pastry

I know I should post up some cookies at this time but let me do this first before the new year cookies. My dad loves cream puffs especially durian one. We are deciding to serve some cream puffs to our guests durian the CNY, so I've made some experiment on the choux and hope he will likes it.
Recently, we like to sandwich the choux with ice cream, since my freezer storing some different ice cream, that's really a good chance to experiment about it. Here, I've got papa choux which is the coffee bun topping, polo choux that is the polo bun topping and the other two topped with shredded coconut and diced almond. That's very simple, pipe out the choux then pipe out a layer of any toppings that I've mentioned above and bake. I personally like the polo choux very much, however each one of them got their own characteristic.
I made the choux slightly bigger than the normal cream puffs which is just enough to fit in a small scoop of ice cream. This is quite a fancy choux and I hope you will like it too or make something fancy to serve your guests in this CNY. Cheers!


Honey Bee Sweets said...

So nice! Lovely puffs Grace! Your guests are so lucky to be served with I invited? Hahaha...Happy Lunar New Year!

Allie said...

So yummy! You're so good at making choux pastries. Are these made the same way as the cream puffs?

Passionate About Baking said...

Wow Grace,
This is really fabulous and fantastic! With the ice-cream, it looks even more tempting! Yum yum!

tracieMoo said...

this sounds really interesting. you just made me want to make this for cny too.. what a great idea, Grace :)

Small Small Baker said...

I was eating my favourite Beard Papa's cream puffs last week and can't help thinking how I can make some on my own. And here I saw your beautiful ones that look just as good! Love the idea of the different toppings. :)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

Can I be your guest? I also wish to try this puff, hehehe..They look so good.

Quinn said...

Grace!!! I've made choux puff today too!!!! But it's a little different with topping. It taste like cookie puff, kinda famous around Australia. Like cookie with hollow centre filled will custard. I will post soon too!!! Yours look great!

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Bee,
Thanks! I hope our guests will like it. I'll be celebrating the CNY in M'sia. Will definately make some for you to try when we meet ok. Happy Chinese New Year to you too!

Hi Allie,
Yes, with the same recipe of cream puff pastry I did before. Cheers!

Hi Jane,
Thanks for your lovely words!

Hi tracieMoo,
Thanks! Hope you like this idea. Tell me your experiment ok.

Oh.. the beard papa one is so much bigger than this. I would like to try out the bigger version next time. Cheers!

Hi Sonia,
Yes, definately can be my guest. Cheers!

Hi Quinn,
Can't wait to see your choux pastry. I know you must have something very nice!

Cosy Bake said...

wow, fantasatic works!!! I was thinking about making Chou cream soon. It's a great idea to serve chou cream for CNY. Thumbs up......!!

Pei-Lin said...

Grace, wonderful job! You're such a gem! Genius! I'd never thought of making my choux pastry like this with toppings! Thanks for sharing the idea!

Keep it up!

grub said...

WOW! This looks EXACTLY like the cookie puff creme puffs we have in Melbourne! can't wait to test it out!

kudos for the great photos!

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Honey Boy,
Hope you will like this idea! Have fun!

Hi Pei Lin,
Thank you so much for your lovely compliments! That's very encouraging. Hope you like it!

Hi Grub,
Thanks for dropping here to leave me a nice words!

petite nyonya said...

The puffs look lovely! I love durian puffs as well.

The Experimental Cook said...

Lovely photos! Now I wish I can make some immediately.