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January 26, 2015

Framboise de Chocolat II

I made this one of my favorites dessert for a dear friends from KL. Hope this dessert gave her a sweet memory of our fellowship gathering after so many years.
There are few flavors in the dessert which is the bitterness from the dark chocolate, sweet sponge cake and the sour raspberries. Each flavors had represented about our life story. I feel that is really a good choice for having this dessert in this special gathering.

Recipe for a 8 inches square cake pan or cake mold, serve 9

Two pieces of  6 inches square vanilla sponge base
70% dark chocolate 140 g
Egg yolks 67 g
Caster sugar 67 g
Water 20 g
Whipping cream 270 g
Raspberry puree 115 g (Puree with food processor and strain out the seeds)
85 g raspberry puree (puree with food processor  and strain out the seeds)
25 g caster sugar
half piece of gelatin leaves

  • Melt the chocolate at a double boiler.
  • In another sauce pan, melt the sugar with water until it become sugar syrup.
  • Beat the egg yolk in a mixing bowl with a whisk, adding the hot sugar syrup little by little until a think paste.
  • Add in the melted chocolate follow by the raspberry puree until well combine.
  • Whisk the whipping cream until the same consistency as the raspberry and chocolate mixture.
  • Fold both ingredients together until well combine.
  • Place a piece of sponge cake in the center of a cake pan. Pour half of the chocolate mousse on top then refrigerate until the mixture set. Add another piece of sponge on top and pour the remaining mousse mixture over the cake. Level them evenly and refrigerate until set.
  • To make the raspberry topping, cook the raspberry puree with caster sugar until it simmering hot. Add in the gelatin leave which already soaked until soft. Stir until well combine. Set aside until it cool down.
  • Pour the raspberry puree on the top of the cake evenly and refrigerate until set. Portion with a hot knife and garnish with some berries.
  • Enjoy!

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