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June 17, 2015

Milky Wholemeal Bread (BM)

I choose this, my favorite bread recipe for my bread maker to fully produce by its own but it doesn't work as nice as I make it manually. I guess it is the function that I choose was not suit to this recipe. However, using just the kneading process from the maker and turn out nicely. 
This time I used program 1 to knead the dough. It took 20 minutes for the kneading process but the consistency was not pass through the window panel. So I restart the bread maker and let it knead for another 20 minutes and this time got the right consistency.

I have been having this bread ever since I start making bread seven years ago and still didn't feel bored about it. I like the country bread crust and soft crumbs that can be eat as it is, make sandwiches, serve with creamy soup etc. So far, I have not identify which function of my bread maker that can be fully produce this bread itself nicely. Before I got the answer, let me jot down here this partially making process from my bread maker and follow by my hand work manually.

Bread flour 270g
Wholemeal flour 30g
Yeast 3g
Sugar 6g
Salt 5g
Cold milk 240g
Unsalted butter 12g

  1. Add all the ingredients in a bread pan except yeast and fit it into the bread maker (1). Turn on the bread maker. Choose program 11 and press the START button. Knead for 15 minutes. Restart the bread maker and start from program 11 again and add yeast this time (2). Continue for 15 minute kneading process.

  2. Turn off the bread maker then take out the bread pan and cover with cling film (3). Let it proof for 60 minutes (4).
  3. Divide the dough into 2 equal pieces (5) and roll to form 'ball' shapes, cover with cling wrap and rest for 15 minutes (6).
  4. On a lightly floured work surface and floured hands, flatten each dough and roll out into a longish shape with rolling pin (7). Roll up the dough like a swiss-roll (8). 
  5. Brush some water on the dough surface and roll them on the wheat germs that sprinkle on the baking tray (9). 
  6. Lay the dough on a baking tray seal side down (10). Proof for 60 minute (11).
  7. Bake approximately 25 minutes at 190'C preheated oven (12).

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