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December 26, 2015

Xmas Log Cake 2015

Merry Christmas and blessed new year 2016

Durian Log Cake

Carrot Log Cake to celebrate my dear sister birthday


Jocelyn said...

Hi Grace,

Just want to tell you that I like your blog. Your recipe is easy to follow and yield high success for me. Unfortunately,I realised that you have not been updating your blog for quite a while.

Really miss seeing your post. Hope you will continue to keep your blog alive.



Kitchen Corner said...

Thanks for dropping at my frozen blog. Life is so busy and I find it difficult to update my blog. So sorry! Will try to update at least one to defrost it. Thanks for your support! Cheers !

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace

I like your durian log cake. can I have the recipe. thanks Rachel

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Rachel,
The recipe is at the cake menu Xmas Log Cake 2013 . Cheers !