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March 5, 2010

Jamie's Chocolate Brownie

I made this chocolate brownie many times and I've been waiting for sharing this recipe long time ago but I've always got no chance to take any pictures for sharing. This time, I manage to took a few pictures on this brownie before it sent to my cousin during the CNY. This chocolate brownie is rich, gooey, dense and super chocolaty! Look, it's very simple to make and I took no time for making this but the trick is to make sure don't overcook them, unlike cakes, you don't want a skewer come out all clean. My cousin and all the family members love it.

This classic chocolate brownies have been on the London Fifteen Restaurant's menu till now which is created by the founder, Jamie Oliver, my idol chef. If you're a chocoholics, try this!


Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

When I 1st baked brownie, I keep put back to oven till skewer came out with all clean, so you know what I got, a very hard texture brownie, hahaha..will definitely try this, my hubby's favourite cake. Thanks for sharing.

ReeseKitchen said...

Looks very delicious! I love to see Jamie cooks too..:) Thanks for sharing..;)

Honey Bee Sweets said...

This brownie looks "sinfully" good! How I wish I can have a piece now for my tea break...yummy! ;)

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

Hello! Long time no meet! You are very active baker! I slowed down my baking nowadays... cannot eat too much sweets...:)

Swee San said...

A dessert I cannot resist! plus ice cream!!

Passionate About Baking said...

Wow Grace, this looks gooey and chocolaty enough. I love it! When I bake, I don't feel like eating, but when I see others bake, I feel like eating! :p Yummy!

Small Small Baker said...

Oooh, these look really delicious. Can see the gooey chocolate inside. I'm bookmarking this!

Kitchen Corner said...

Hello Sonia,
May be you try not to put your brownie back to the oven next time, chocolate always firms up at room temperature, so if you take them out of the oven when they're a little bit gooey, they'll be perfect.

Hi ReeseKitchen,
Oh.. you are also the fan of Jamie huh!! Good choice!

Hi Bee,
Let's meet up for an afternoon tea and you'll be served with this yea!

Hi Shirley,
I thought I've been slow down as compare the last time I baked. It's not too good to eat too much sweet stuffs! What I do is normally give away my bakes and left a piece to share with my other half :P

Hi Swee San,
Ya.. who can resist a piece of brownie with a dollop of ice cream :P

Hi Jane,
I think I've got the same feeling as you. We normally like to eat others bakes more than our own one :(

Hope you will like this recipe. Cheers!

Blessed Homemaker said...

I see you have baked alot of brownies, you sure are a brownie lover. I'm not a chocolate lover (exceptional case for bitter-sweet chocolate) but yours look so delicious, may I have a piece with ice cream please? ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace,

Your brownie looks really great!

May I ask did you reduce the butter & the sugar amount for this recipe? Thinking of making it, worry about my family members waist line too... :)

Thank you!

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Blessed Homemaker,
Thanks for dropping here to leave your lovely words. That's will be my pleasure to serve you this brownie with a dollop of ice cream :)

Hi Anonymous,
Thanks! I half the recipe to make a small loaf of brownie. After half all the ingredients to suit my baking pan, then I reduce another 1/3 of the sugar from the recipe.

Cookie baker Lynn said...

Oh, yum! You just can't go wrong with a nice chocolatey brownie!

Anh said...

WHat a wonderful recipe! I love the look of your brownie.

Bakericious said...

I love chocolate, this brownie definately looks so appealing to me and reminds me of the best brownie that i ate in philippines. thanks for sharing.

thecoffeesnob said...

This looks like it would be perfect with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm!

MaryMoh said...

Brownies are always my family favourite. Yours look very moist and it.

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Cookie Baker Lynn,
Hi Anh,
Hi Bakericious,
Hi thecoffeesnob,
Hi MaryMoh,

Thanks for dropping here to leave your support. Cheers!

a beginner in baking said...

hi grace,

your brownies looked so awesome!!!
i have a question to ask you, according to the recipe,u need to beat the eggs right? but i wonder until what stage shold i beat the eggs?is just breakdown the yolks or need to beat until light and fluffy? or how many minutes if using electrical mixer?

thank you very much

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi a beginner in baking,
You DON'T have to beat the egg until fluffy or pale in color. Just stir the egg for a few second to let the whites and yolks mix together, this is to let it much easier to mix into the chocolate batter. Some people don't even want to beat the egg and just mix straight away with the chocolate batter. This chocolate brownie do not need any electrical mixer. Just a wooden spoon or spatula will do. Happy Baking!

beginner in baking said...

hi grace,
thank you so much for your advice,
i will give it a try soonly,
thank you

Angie's Recipes said...

One of my favourites too! I just wish one wouldn't grow wider and bigger with too much chocolate consumption!
Grace, did you use the natural cocoa powder for the brownies?

Cosy Bake said...

Hi Grace,

You've been to JAmie's Restaurant 'Fifteeth' in London? How's the food there? I'd wanna go when I go to london. any good recommendations in thier menu?

Honey boy

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Honey boy,
Yes, Jamie's Restaurant "fifteen" in London. I went there in the late afternoon so we just ordered the brownie and a slice of pecan tart and drinks. The desserts is very good! I believe their food is nice too!

Cosy Bake said...

Is it easily accessble to Jamie's restaurant? I'm quite familiar with london, but never have the idea of going to Fifteen all these while. By any chance I can get his restaurant address from you? Thanks.

And thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope to see you more often.... :)

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Honey boy,
Yes, anyone can go to the restaurant. Feel free to visit the website for more information:

Simonne said...

Wow ur bronies form a nice crust top
I think this brownies must be very yummy :P
Can't wait to try this out

Beautiful Chantel said...

hi dear

Wanna ask u did u reduce the unsalted butter used in the recipe? Looks quite heavy wif a whole block of tat. Oso did u use the crème fraîche? Wat kind of chocolate did u use? valrhona? 70% dark choc?



Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Tulip,
I didn't reduce the butter, in fact I followed exactly the recipe but use half of the recipe for smaller baking tin. I didn't use cream fraiche but serve with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. You could use any best chocolate you like. Valrhona would be very good for chocolate brownie! Cheers!

Sue said...

Hi Grace

In the recipe, is the 200g of dark chocolate is semi-sweet type? Do you still get crispy crust after reducing the sugar by 1/3? Your brownie photo is so appealing that I can never forget this after seeing it a few months ago! Hope to find some time to bake it soon. - Siew Hwee

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Sue,
I used 75% chocolate, it's slightly bitter than semi sweet chocolate. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear, I've seen the recipe but I'm quite worried about the sugar. Is the recipe correct?

Chocolate Lover

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Chocolate Lover,
The recipe at Jamie's website is quite a big amount. I used half of all the ingredients, that mean I used 2 eggs instead of 4. You can reduce 1/3 of the sugar from the recipe but it could be quite bitter as Jamie using at least 70% dark chocolate solid.

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace

Thanks for sharing the recipe. I baked according to Jamie's recipe and yielded a really big cake. Also, the baking time of 25mins seemed insufficient (cake was wobbly and uncooked). Can I check when you halved the recipe, how much flour and baking powder did you use? The baking time and temp, pan size etc. Thanks for your help.