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May 12, 2008

German Rye Bread 田园稞麦面包

This is my favorite German Rye Bread. It reminded me when I was first tasting a rye bread in Berlin hotel for breakfast. I just miss it so much until I found a recipe from the book that my mum gave to me weeks ago. This is quite a dense and solid bread containing with 1/3 of rye flour and again, it is a healthy version of bread. I followed exactly the same recipe from the book to make this rye bread. I mixed these ingredients in my dough mixer: 200g bread flour, 100g rye flour, 5g instant dry yeasts, 5 g salt, 190g slightly warm water and 10g of molasses. Then I placed it in a grease bowl and covered with cling film to rest for 30 minutes. Punch it down after the resting and roughly shape it into a ball by simply tighten it up and let it face up rather than the smooth part face up as the book had mentioned to give it a rustic look. I covered it with a damp towel and let it proof for about 30 minutes before baked it in the oven at 230'C about 25 - 30 minutes. I really like this rustic look and it shows a very homemade country bread. My hubby and I was very enjoying the rye flavor and we hardly taste the yeasts on this bread. I shall put this recipe in my regular breakfast menu.


javapot said...

Hiya, you take great pictures! Can I asked whether your bread stayed crusty? I love crusty breads, tks.

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi hot java,
Thank you for viewing my blog. It's a crusty bread but the crusty texture last for two days only. Bake longer to produce a crusty texture and cling wrap it tightly and store in airtight cointainer once it's completely cool. Cheers!

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi hot java,
I've my "Guru" advised for the cruusty texture. He said, "I need to correct this statement, is not longer time that make is the high heat and need to spray water every 5mins onto the bread to get crusty. Commercially the oven has built in the water spray and will inject water by itself unlike home oven....But also depend what is the type of bread and recipe you are using too...".
Hope this will help. Cheers!

Unknown said...

Hi Kitchen Corner,

I am trying out this recipe, but found the dough is very wet and sticky to manage. Is it like that or any trick to improve?

Thanks for the sharing!!

A new baker from HK :)

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Crystal,
The dough is slightly sticky but still able to manage. After the 1st proofing, the dough will not be so sticky anymore. If you feel hard to manage it, floured your hand a bit before handling the dough. Cheers!

Audrey Cheng said...


I want to bake this bread but i dont have a dough mixer. Do you need to knead the dough? Or is this a no knead bread?

Thank you.