Kitchen Corner

May 7, 2008

Whole Wheat Loaf

This is quite a dense and solid loaf as it consists of fifty percent of wheat flour. Do you ever think how much wheat in a wholemeal bread you bought from supermarket? I have read many whole wheat bread recipes, but most of the bread with very little wheat until I found "Happy Home Baking". She has a wholemeal bread recipe that consists of fifty percent wheat flour. If you are looking for a healthy diet of cause the more wheat you have the best. I really like to give a try so I followed her recipe and added some ground rye on the bread surface before it go into the oven. I was quite happy with the result although I'm not sure the texture mentioned is the same. Yes, the crust of the bread was crisp and the crumbs were quite dense but somehow it still had the softness just like the one I ate in Berlin. I love the smell of wheat and definately will put this recipe in my bookmark.

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