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May 6, 2008

Journey to bread-making

I've been making cakes for many years but I've not tried to make a bread before. May be this is a good excuse saying that I afraid of the stickiness of the mixture during the bread making process. But things happen within my expectation, I started to make bread nowadays. Many thanks for the mixer that keeps my hands from the stickiness. I never attend any baking lesson or workshop before, but somehow there is a free bread making workshop that inspired me to start my bread making journey. Mocha chocolate chips loaf was my first bread making follow by the pizza bread, curry bun and custard bun (I changed the recipe to roti boy lately) which are all free workshop from Mayer. The most I like is the curry bun because it's just the same as the one sold at those bakery shops and the bread of custard buns are very soft and fluffy. Lately I found Happy Home Baking, she is very professional in baking that I shall learn more from her. I like the way of Sam teaching during the worshop too! He is willing to answer all the questions and shares about the chemistry of those ingredients through email. I did try making those bread that I learn from him, it really works and this again has inspired me to start my bread making journey.


Anonymous said...

hi , your buns lokk very yammi, can you share this recipe please. thank you.

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Anonymous,
You could find out the Curry Bun recipe at the "Bread Corner" category. Or, use this link to enter the page.