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October 14, 2008


This is always the best dish for serving my guests as it's so delicious especially the mince sauce could be ready in advance so that I can have a relaxing gathering with my guests while the lasagne is baking in the oven. I followed Jamie Oliver's recipe from the book of "Jamie's Dinner" (except adding the butternut squash but replaced with some fresh mushroom). I get ready the minced sauce and white sauce in the fridge before the day my guests arrive. Then, reheat it when about to assemble the lasagne (it only took me few minutes). I found the sauce is much tasty after a day for sitting in the fridge. I packed a small piece of left over lasagne with cling wrap and aluminium foil then placed it into the freezer after it completely cool down. Reheat it in the oven for my next lunch, it's incredible tasty! I found that the recipe is available at the Jamie's website. So I don't type it here. Please forgive my laziness :P

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These look great. Will give this a try soon, tks.