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July 29, 2008

Lemon Curd Cheesecake

This was one of the best selling product in Huntingdon especially during the summer as it's so refreshing. The cheesecake contains cooked lemon curd which could easily get from the supermarket or made our own homemade lemon curd. I did it myself as I like to add more lemon juice to have a strong lemon flavor and used some the left over to decorate the cheesecake. Recipe for 9 inch baking tin Bottom base: 155g Digestive biscuits crumbs 75g butter (melted) Fillings: 375g cream cheese 50g sugar 300g cooked lemon curd 7 tablespoon lemon juice 15g gelatin (dissolve in water) 250ml whipped cream Cooked lemon curd: 135g butter 330g sugar 3 egg beaten, strain 3 teaspoon lemon zest 6 tablespoon lemon juice *Add 2 tablespoons lemon juice for stronger flavor Method:
  1. Mix crumbs and melted butter in a bowl. Press crumb mixture onto bottom pan and keep in the fridge.
  2. To make lemon curd: In the top of a double boiler, combine all the ingredients over gently simmering water. Cook until thickened and coats back of spoon. Remove from heat and completely cool.
  3. To make the filling, in large bowl with electric mixer on medium-high, beat cream cheese until fluffy, gradually beat in sugar then beat in zest and juice follow by lemon curd.
  4. Add the dissolved gelatin into the mixture and add in the whipped cream until everything combine. Pour into crust and chill in the fridge until it set.
  5. Decorate the cheesecake with some whipped cream at the side of cheesecake and pour over some left over lemon curd on top of the cheesecake.


martina said...

The cake looked so good that I cant't wait...I tried...but what a shame! Everything falls apart and I had to throw it away!Probably I used cheese not fatty enough, but the cake remained liquid with some part condensed with the gelatin! Awful!!! Maybe I'll retry, but not know!The sense of shame is too intense right now!

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Martina,
So sorry to hear about your unsuccessful attempt. It might be the gelatine didn't disolve with water thoroughly or the mixture didn't mix well with the cream cheese mixture. Whipping cram should whip before mix with the cream cheese mixture. I am not sure whether I have cleared some of your question on mind but do let me know if you've got any question. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Hello Grace,

Abt the gelatin powder, how much water did you use to dissolve it?

I usually use 6g of water for every g of gelatin powder.



Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Lynn,
I used about 1/3 cup of water to dissolve the gelatin.

Trish said...

Hi Grace,

this is so nice! i would love to give it a try..but its hard for me to make a nice round shape without defects. how you manage to do that? are you using a cake ring or springform tin? when unlock the springform tin, will it still look great?

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Trish,
I'm using springform tin. Use a knife or thin spatula to run around the edges before unlock the springform tin and it will look great! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hi kitchen corner. I tried making a lemon curd cheesecake according to your recipe. However, the whole cheesecake was too sweet. Was there a mistake in the sygar portion (330g) and also 15g gelatine is equiv to how many teaspoon or tablespoon. How much water must I add to the gelatine.

Thanks for your help.

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Alice,
I'm sorry you've got the bad result. If you find the cheesecake is too sweet, try to reduce sugar but you need that sugar to get the thickness of lemon curd. My cheesecake turn out not that sweet, in fact quite sour of the lemony taste. You could add more fresh lemon juice so that you won't feel too sweet. I'm not sure how many teaspoon of 15g gelatine as I used digital scale. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi Grace, its so funny. I found the lemon curd cheesecake too sweet for my liking. Apparently some of my colleagues said that it was very nice :)
Looks like I had cut down on my sugar intake until I have low tolerance of sweet stuffs whilst others like it.
Also another note, I found that the 15g gelatine to 1/3cup water was too thick and decided not to add all into the cheese mixture. It turned out ok tho :)
Once again "Xie Xie Nie" for your advice and recipes.


Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Alice,
Glad to know your colleagues like it. "Taste" is quite individual, not everyone like what we like but it's good to share always. It's good that you have cut down your sugarate. If you find the 15g gelatine is to thick, you may reduce to 10g instead. Thanks for your reply. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

i loved this recipe
i'm 13 and i think that this was the best cheesecake i ever made because it made me get first prize in my cooking cometition

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Anonymous,
Glad to know you win the first prize. I'm happy for you!

yammy said...

hi,the cheesecake turned out well,though the lemon curd was far too sweet for me..anyway i have a question,my lemon curd turned out too orange in color,what was the reason?

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Yammy,
Glad to know your cheesecake turned out well. I'm guess might be the egg yolks you used is quite orange in color. That's only what I guess...

Anonymous said...


U r saying to mix cream cheese and lemon curd , and then add whipped cream?
But whipped cream Hasn’t been mentioned in the ingredients . Do I need to use double cream and how much ?


Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Anonymous,
I think I did mentione at the recipe which is 250ml whipped cream. You can use whipping cream or double cream, there works well too!

yammy said...

hi,its me again!i think this cheesecake was the best i ever had,thanks alot for the receipe!

Ritta V... said...

WoW... Exactly the recipe I was looking for and the picture of the lemon curd cheesecake is just mind-blowing!... Am going to go shop for lemons tomorrow and try out this recipe this weekend for the upcoming Mother's Day Event... Thank you so very much...

Yvette said...

I want this for my wedding reception! I am
Traditional but I hate fancy buttercream cakes! I want about 7 as I know this dessert will disappear!

Andrea said...

Could I use gelatine leaves instead of granules and if so how many leaves should I use? Thanks