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November 25, 2009

Chilled Durian Cheesecake

It's a big day of my other half and it's always a headache of thinking what type of birthday cake for him is the best as you might have the same feeling like me hope to give the best to our life partner, right?! Since he likes durian a lot and I still have a box of frozen durian, why not make a durian cake or durian cheesecake for him. Thinking along the way, if you did follow my blog you'll know that I've just made a durian cake and durian cheesecake not long ago. So, it's not a good idea to do the same for him which is nothing special anymore.
Time is limited, I don't really have much time to think somemore as his birthday is just around the corner. Ended up, I make durian cheesecake again, but with a Non-Baked version sandwich with plain spongy cake. I followed a sponge cake recipe from a video clip and luckily it turn out really good. If you did try my chocolate spongy cake before, you will know this lady. Again, I'm very satisfy with her recipe.
For the cheese filling, I'm very particular with chilled cheesecake, as too much gelatin will cause the cake like jelly type. I'm really looking for a soft, light and melt in-the-mouth texture but not jelly cake. So, really have to be cautious about the portion of gelatin added in.
I was quite nervous when he was taking the first bite of this durian cheesecake, guess what? It's so obviously show the satisfaction from his face. I couldn't believe it and I quickly tried the first bite too and it's really something I was looking for. It's soft, light and super tasty for us and couldn't feel the gelatin texture. As I added less gelatin in the batter, the cake couldn't stay at room temperature for too long but it set and stand nicely in the fridge. I'm really glad that the cheesecake turn out very well. When he is happy, I'm happy too!
Ingredients for the plain sponge cake: (Please follow the video clip) 140g plain flour 4 eggs 30g milk 180g sugar 4g salt 30g oil
Ingredients for durian cream cheese filling: 350g cream cheese 60g caster sugar 250g durian flesh 350 whipping cream 1 tablespoon gelatin 3 tablespoon water
For the filling, beat cream cheese and sugar until smooth. Stir in durian flesh until well combine. Now, get ready for others ingredients. Melt gelatin powder with water over simmering water until the gelatin dissolve. Whip the cream until thicken but not over whipped. Stir in 4 teaspoon of gelatin into cheese mixture until well combine then fold in the whipped cream. Keep the remaining gelatin for the toppings. Place a slice of sponge cake into 8 inches lose bottom baking tray. Spread in half of the durian cheese mixture. Place another layer of sponge cake on top. Spread half of the remaining cheese mixture on top and chilled in the fridge. Mix together the remaining gelatin and cheese mixture and put into a piping bag. Place in the fridge for about 30 minutes until it slightly set (the time depends on how cool the fridge is, so watch it and try to squeeze out a little to test whether it could form any pattern). Pipe out any pattern you like onto the cake and chilled in the fridge for over night. Enjoy!


S.Hua said...

hello's me again (the one commented on the choc sponge cake)..

You Durian cake is lovely :)
can i substitute the durian with mango/peach or strawberry puree..? approx how much because puree is more runny than durian flesh...

Thank You

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Grace, the cheesecake looks decadent! Love the waves / layers of durian cream on the pretty! I bet your hubby will love any cake you bake for him...even if it's the 100th time, heehee. ;0 Wish I can have a slice of that yummy cake. ;)

Allie said...

Your Durian Cheesecake is lovely! I love the frilly-looking decoration on top...very nice!

Passionate About Baking said...

Hi Grace,
Your durian cheesecake is so beautiful! The decor makes it so light and yummy. I bet the cheesecake must be very light and creamy! I'm sure Eric loves it very much! The additional of the mint leaves makes a lot of difference. Really adds colour to the cake! You're really good my dear friend! :))

Yummy Bakes said...

wow ... very nice cake unfortunately I dont eat durians! It looks rich and delicious ....

A Full-Timed Housefly said...

Me and my kids drooling over this..... such a beautiful and delicious cake , thanks for sharing !

Pei-Lin said...

Heehee ... It's that time of the year again for durians huh! Your cheesecake looks tempting!

I just made something with durians, too ... Durian tarts!


tracieMoo said...

Durian and cheesecakes, can't go wrong with these.. they look gorgeous! :)

Sonia ~ Nasi Lemak Lover said...

actually am too thinking to bake durian cake for my husband who also love durian a lot, this recipe come just in right time. Thanks for sharing.

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Honey Bee Sweets,
Thanks for your lovely words and cames very encouraging. He loves it very much and I do. I really wish to share the cakes with you :)

Hi S.Hua,
Thanks! I've not tried using this recipe for others fruit yet as this is my first experiment. So it's hardly give you the right amount of gelatin to add in. For me, I would properly try 1 1/2 or 2tablespoon for the fruits batter as it's quite running. Try to experiece it yourself then do let me know how's the result ok. Cheers!

Hi Allie,
Thanks, I must say I don't have any skills for decorating my cake always. This is quite simple one do not require any special decoration. It's my first time make this pattern, luckily it looks ok.

Hi Jane,
Thanks for your compliments! Yes, the mints help the cake looks nicer. Without the mint, it's really boring one :P

Hi A Full Time HouseFly,
Hope you will like this recipe too!

Hi Yummy Koh,
Oppss.. it's not a good cake for you if you don't eat durian. Anyway, you could try to change the recipe using other fruits. Cheers!

Hi Sonia,
Hope that you and your husband will like this cake. Cheers!

Hi tracieMoo,
Thanks for your lovely words. It's very yummy one!

Hi Dodol & Mochi,
Oh... you did a durian tart! I've not try before. When are you going to post the recipe up? I really like to try out. I bet durian tart must be something unique and yummy too! Cheers!

Jenny said...

Hi, your durian cheesecake look wonderful... thanks for sharing your recipe. i would like to try it out one day.

ameeza77 said...

hi grace,

i did ur chilled durian cheesecake for my aunt's birtday last week. It is a no fail recipe :) It turn out very well and god, its heaven!

im looking foward to make it one more time since hubby n me ate 1 slice each. this is definitely become our family's craving!

Thank you for sharig this wonderful recipe!

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi ammeeza77,
I'm so happy to know that you have a successful attempt on this recipe. Well done!

Simonne said...

i bake something similar this morning 250g cream cheese, 250g durian puree, 300g whipping, 1 Tbs gelatine.I got a little worry my cake wont harden this way.
After reading ur post. I think my cake is safe in fridge..

Anonymous said...

Hello Grace, will you please post the method to making the sponge cake. I have watched the video clip but does not understand what she is saying. Thank you so much, my family really like to eat sponge cake. I especially would like to make this recipe for my grandmother. Thanks again, Quyen

Anonymous said...

Hello Grace, it's Quyen again, please give me this recipe in English, I do not understand Mandarin, Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Grace, i have tried to do the sponge cake as per the video clip attached. However, the comment is that the sponge cake is not soft and spongy. What is wrong? Hope you can explain the way to make the sponge cake as i don't really understand mandarin too. Any different if i used cake flour instead of plain flour? how do we know when is the limit to beating the whole eggs as i had beaten for about 30 mins but i still cannot get the texture as shown in the video. Approximately, how long?

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Anonymous,
Over folding the mixture or the eggs didn't whip until the right consistency are the reason that hardly produce a soft and spongy texture. The video clip shown very clear how the consistency is. It's quite straight forward. Either one of the flour you mention should be ok for the recipe. It's not about beat how long for the eggs but to get a stable whipped eggs before adding in the flour. I suggest you to use high speed to beat the eggs. Cheers!

jenny said...

hi where to buy durian flesh?

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Jenny,
I removed the flesh from the fresh durian. Cheers!

bathroom storage furniture said...

I have been checking out a few of your article stories and I must say pretty clever stuff. I will definitely bookmark your blog. Thank you very much.

jenny said...

hi Grace, for the topping can i mix it all the gelatin into the cheese mixture instead of spilting into 2 portions?

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Jenny,
Yes you could try to mix all the gelatin into the cheese mixture. But for the topping, I just think it need more gelatin to let it set and sit nicely as I piped it out with some pattern.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny,

May I know the exact amount of whipping cream for the durian cheesecake? It is in grams or ml for 350?

Thanks. Looks yummy!