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June 1, 2008

American Rye Bread 美式稞麦面包

This is an American Rye Bread. I am not sure why it named "American" but according to the recipe book, this is kind of American bread. I have been trying a wholemeal bread week ago but it was really a disaster. That is a very good wholemeal bread recipe which contains half of the whole wheat flour. Well, I shall not give up and will definitely try it again. This Rye bread did not contains many of the rye flour and it is quite easy to made by using the straight dough method. I put all the ingredients in the mixing bowl and leave it to knead with the dough hook for 30 minutes. It is still a little bit of stickiness but I just let it proof for 40 minutes. I did not roll the dough very nicely and was very careless did not grease well inside the loaf tin that is why the side of this bread look quite ugly. What a good lesson! I let it proof at the room temperature for another 1 hour before bake in the oven.
One thing that I like this bread is, the dough has no yeasty flavor because the smell of the rye is quite strong although it only contains little amount of rye flour. Furthermore, it is easy to made. This bread is very tender and soft, I have to cut it very carefully so that the crumbs stay beautifully before serving on a plate. I like to spread with my homemade peanut butter and blackcurrant jam as I found the flavor is just so match.
Original recipe from an old book that my mum gave to me:
Bread flour 270g
Rye flour 30g
Yeast 5g
Sugar 20g
Salt 6g Egg 30g
Water 180g
Unsalted butter 15g
1. Put all the ingredients in a mixing bowl except butter. Kneading until well combine and all the mixture come together.
2. Add butter continue kneading (I let the mixer knead for 30 minutes).
3. Bring the dough for proofing about 30 minutes (I proof it for 40 minutes).
4. Round the dough and cover with slightly wet towel and rest for 10 minutes.
5. Roll out into long shape then roll it up tighty as a swiss-roll style.
6. Place the dough in well greased bread tin and let the dough proof for the second time for about
30 minutes (I proof it for 45 minutes) cover with slightly damp towel.
7. Bake it in the preheated oven at 200'C for about 30 - 40 minutes.


Unknown said...

American rye bread is much less dense than European rye bread.
Where did you manage to find rye flour in Singapore?

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Shuang Fang,
European rye bread is much dense because it contains 33% of rye flour whereas American rye bread only 10%. Obviously, European rye bread is much healthier.
I bought the rye flour from Market Place supermarket at VIVO CITY. You might able to get it from Cold Storage I guess.