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June 27, 2008

Milky Loaf 牛奶面包

First of all, thank you HHB for this wonderful recipe!
This is my first attempt on making white bread. Ever since I was crazy of making wheat bread but not white bread. So, I was thinking to try something different for our next breakfast.
I've got some advised before making this bread, so everything went very well with a very simple straight dough method.
The simplicity of making this bread was using some basic ingredients which normally would have stored in a kitchen. This bread recipe was using milk rather than water as I've got some references about milk could give a softer texture and that's why it named "milky loaf".
The dough rise very well and filled up the pullman tin within 60 minutes (not sure it's due to the warm weather). I was quite happy that the loaf was almost a perfect square.
The milky flavor was fantastic that I could smell it while it's still baking in the oven. I was very satisfied with the soft and cottony texture.
Lastly, we are so pleased to have a wonderful breakfast.


Happy Homebaker said...

Hi, so far everyone who has tried it came back with good feedback...we really have to thank the originator for such a wonderful recipe. You can start experiment with this dough...use it to wrap fillings of your choice, turn it into a green tea, coffee, milo, pandan loaf! I am sure you can also try by replacing some amount of the bread flour with wholemeal flour (30g will be a good start) to make it a more healthy loaf. Oh I miss making loaf bread! Will make a loaf next week!

Kitchen Corner said...

Thank you so much for giving me some good idea. I will try out your good idea. Look forward to reading your next loaf!

Anonymous said...

Though the loaf size is a bit small compared with previous breads, it tasted very good :)

Kitchen Corner said...

Yes ada, I will use a bigger baking tin next time. Cheers!

D4D said...


May i check what's your pullman tin size?
Actually how many sizes of pullman tin available?

fyi, i've bought 1 from phoonhuat. They said only have 2 sizes but i found the other one too big for me. But the one I've chosen seem a bit small.

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi mommy of 3,
I think there are many different sizes of pullman tin. As I'm not at home now and forgot the size too! Can I reply you a week later? Sorry about that!

Jennifer Look said...

After reading yr blog. Oh My! How can someone out there have similar traits like me. I'm also a home maker with two kids. Love to bake, starts from scratch. Did not believe in attending class to bake well. Tools used are very down to earth RM80 hand mixer with simple oven. You are lucky to have bread machine. Mine is manual.

Me too, love to bake own cake for birthday, parties especially little ones. But very terrible decorating skills. But family says it taste so much better than the shops.

Hope to share some simple recipes on birthday cakes decoration. Should I buy a bread machine? How useful is it? What is the best brand?
Will try ur recipes real soon.
Jen with 2 beautiful kids
Kuala Lumpur

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Jennifer,
I don't have a bread machine but a KitchenAid mixer to knead the dough for me. My mother-in-law has a Kenwood bread machine and I heard that it is quite good. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

hi Grace, I will be starting this today and I, too have aKitchenaid. How much time and what setting you use when kneading the dough.
according to KA forum, they only recommend setting '2' and max time is 2mins for continuous kneading else it may affect the motor.

blurbaker said...

Hello Grace, silly question.
Do you bake with the pullman cover secured to the bread-tin or you baked without the cover?

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi Anonymous,
I normally set speed 2, or maximum 3 (between speed 2 & 4). Sometimes, it's depends on the room temperature for the kneading process. Normally I would knead the dough for more than 30 minutes.

Hi Blurbaker,
Not a silly question at all :) I did ask this question before :P
If you like your bread have a round top then don't secured with the lid, if you want a square loaf of bread then secured it with a lid before it rise up to the top. Cheers!

blurbaker said...

Thanks. I knead for 30mins on the KA at 2mins interval stopping to scrape the dough off the hook.
My family enjoyed the bread though it did not come out square :(
The 2nd rise in the pullman tin was about 70% after 1hr and I decided to put it in the oven.
Thank you for sharing.

food_junkie said...

Hi Grace,
I would like to use this recipe to have my own chocolate sandwich loaf.
How do I go about doing this? Adding cocoa powder?

Kitchen Corner said...

Hi food_junkie,
I'm so sorry that I can't advise you on how much cocoa powder should be added because I've not try it before. May be i will use chocolate milk to replace the milk. What do you think? Please try it out and let me know if it work ya. Cheers :)